Built like a beautiful meditation hill village, Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama (SRSG) was established by Swami Veda Bharati in 2002. Sadhaka means “spiritual seeker” and Grama means “village” in the sanskrit language – thus we are “A village of spiritual seekers devoted to the teachings of Swami Rama of the Himalayas.”

The purpose of SRSG is to provide a community where like-minded sadhakas can gather to spend time developing themselves spiritually under the guidance of a spiritual preceptor. Our Ashram is devoted to studying, teaching, and practicing the subtle aspects of yoga meditation.

SRSG sits in a peaceful ambience in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Little Rambha River flows alongside the campus, and the scenic Shivalik Hills surround the area. The ashram is at a comfortable walking distance to the river Ganges and the nearby famous sacred shrine of Virbhadra Temple. Eight acres of clipped lawns and lush green gardens house an eclectic mix of Vastu designed cottages, our Gurukulam, the Meditation Research Laboratory, and our Publications wing, while serving as the Global Headquarters of AHYMSIN.

Sadhakas from all spiritual traditions and all walks of life are welcome at SRSG for learning yoga meditation. Our purpose is to teach and make available the knowledge of yoga meditation within the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters, as taught by Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati. At SRSG, sadhakas will be able to deepen their meditation practice, knowledge of texts, maintain silence, participate in satsangs and generally experience the quiet, simple, serene, and enriched life of a seeker.

AHYMSIN offers many spiritual retreats at SRSG throughout the year including individual and group study programs of meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama, relaxation, and yoga philosophy as taught within the Himalayan Tradition. Every sadhaka arriving at the ashram receives personal instructions and the program is tailored according to the length of time one chooses to stay. You may come anytime during the year; come alone or with family and friends.

Apart from these, guided silence retreats, guided intensive sadhana retreats, teacher training programmes, children and family retreats, and special programmes on the sacred occasions of Navaratri, Shivaratri, Guru Purnima etc are also offered for deepening one’s sadhana. Kindly visit – Upcoming Events for more information.

The unique opportunity to study and deepen the practices of the subtle aspects of yoga meditation as taught within the Himalayan Tradition draws sadhakas from all the different world religions and spiritual traditions to SRSG.