“Silence is such a profound and deep experience of human existence that only when we have understood silence can we understand the inspiration that has ever flowed to humanity from the minds and mouths of the great rishis, sages and prophets.”
Swami Veda Bharati

Silence is one of the primary practices prescribed in the Himalayan tradition to help sadhakas purify mind and emotions and to progress towards states of inner peace and intuitive wisdom.

Silence can be defined as practicing the independence of the mind. It is non-dependence on external objects of identification, non-dependence on worldly experiences and their objects. Then wisdom flows naturally. Knowledge is dropped, wisdom begins.

We long for that silence. We go for excursions in the woods. We sit by flowing streams. When you sit down by that quiet flowing stream and do not wish to get up, it is so peaceful and quiet here. We forget that it is our inner silence that is calling us. That which is our origin. That which is our end.

With the approval of the silence guides, silence retreats of 3/5/7/10 days with systematic practices are available. Longer periods of silence and solitude may be prescribed for those who have an established meditation practice and have been initiated in the Himalayan Tradition.

Kindly note that all silence retreats in the Himalayan Tradition are always guided and each participant is interviewed by a silence guide before the retreat may begin. Everyone is given a silence schedule to follow for the duration of the retreat. These schedules may vary among participants, depending upon the prerequisites, health issues, or other individual factors.

Everyone’s silence schedule will include the ashram’s morning and evening meditations, morning joints and glands class and an afternoon relaxation practice session. Schedules will also include breathing practices, contemplative walking, and japa.

At the end of the retreat, they will have an opportunity to debrief with the silence guide. They are also able to discuss with the silence guide on practical ways to maintain some silence in everyday life.

Irrespective of the duration of the individual’s silence practice, Guided Silence Retreats are offered to those practitioners who have already received the foundational training and/or are already initiated within the Himalayan Tradition. If you are coming to the ashram for the first time and would like to join the Guided Silence Retreat, kindly enquire at sadhakagrama@sadhakagrama.org for eligibility and more information.

Sadhakas may request to join for short retreat or long retreat depending on their experience.

Retreat in Silence – 3/5/7/10 days

After having completed basic courses in the methods for correct sitting, breathing and beginning meditation, and with the approval of the faculty, a sadhaka may decide to undertake a period of guided silence. Those without prior experience are advised to begin with a practice of a short duration, between three and ten days to firm up their resolve and begin to establish a more tranquil mind field.

Immersion in Silence – 21/40 Days

After having completed introductory level silence retreats of duration between three and ten days, and with the approval of the silence guide/and or the Ashram Pramukha, a sadhaka may deepen his/her silence practice with a retreat between 21 and 40 days.

These longer and deeper guided silent sadhana practices may be contingent upon prior systematic and thorough experience in the basic practices of the Himalayan Tradition.

Surrender in Silence – 90 Days

After having deepened one’s level of inner quietude and stillness through the completion of shorter silence periods up to 40 days, often more than once, and having worked on one’s own emotional purification, sadhakas who wish to continue to be nurtured through their silence may request for undertaking a supervised observance for a period of 90 days or even a longer under the guidance of a spiritual guide and or the Ashram Pramukha.

Such an intense silence practice is often planned and prepared for years ahead of the actual retreat.

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