We offer guests this beautiful nature setting for immersion into the practice of hatha yoga, meditation and Silence. Think of SRSG as your home while you are here.You have come from afar, setting aside time, energy and money to stay and learn at SRSG. Be ever-mindful of why you are here. Make the best use of the opportunities to learn and practise. Accommodations at the ashram are planned and offered in a manner as to facilitate the spiritual journey on which you have embarked now.

All the sadhakas at the ashram are provided with simple and functional accommodations on a sharing basis. We have various kinds of accommodations available at the ashram, each with their own special features:



2 or 3 bedrooms with 2 beds each, offered on twin sharing, with 1 bathroom, 1 kitchenette and living space, porch etc. Air-conditioning and hot showers are available.


Family Apartments

1 bedroom apartments with 1 bedroom, 1 living room (doubles as bedroom), 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a porch. Hot showers are available.


Gurukulam Rooms

Each room features twin beds with an attached bathroom and kitchenette. Hot showers are available.

All accommodations have western style toilets. The Ashram provides bed linens, towels and blankets. Soap and toilet paper are also provided. Please bring your own toiletries. You may also want to bring: flashlight, yoga mat, umbrella, shawl, hat, reusable drinking water bottle, mosquito repellent, journal, pens, personal medication, etc.

Single occupancy is limited and reserved for special programmes, such as intensive long-term sadhana or silence practice, and for those with medical needs only. All other visiting sadhakas are expected to share their cottages/apartments/rooms with our other guests. The ashram reserves the right to offer any kind of accommodation to all the visiting sadhakas, depending on availability and practical feasibility.

Apart from a comfortable accommodation and three vegetarian meals, the ashram offers many additional services to the visiting sadhakas, including:

Yoga Mats/Blankets/Zen Benches for Personal Practice:

Clean yoga mats are provided to all newly arrived visitors at the Mandala Office upon arrival. Kindly use the same yoga mat throughout your stay at the ashram and clean the same thoroughly before your departure to ensure proper hygiene. Meditation blankets and zen benches are available in the classrooms.

Student Library:

The Student Library is located inside the Knowledge Center. Please ask the Ashram teachers/Mandala Office for access to the library and assistance in checking out books for loan during your stay.

Book Store Services:

The Book Store inside the Ashram is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. Swami Veda’s audio lectures on various topics are available by order. Japa malas, mala bags, yoga mats are also available for purchase, along with other assorted gift items. However, should a guest need to buy books and other materials at different times, arrangements can be made to accommodate the requests.

Drinking Water:

Clean drinking water stations are available at two locations in the ashram. Water jugs and glasses are provided in each of the cottages/rooms for refilling drinking water. One may bring their own water bottle. Electric kettles are provided in all the rooms/cottages, if you require hot drinking water.

Internet Services:

Free Wi-fi access is available near the Mandala office. Please ask the management for assistance.

Emergency/Security Services:

The ashram has 24*7 security guards on campus, who are able to assist a guest in case of an emergency, outside the office hours.

Transportation Services:

Help with transportation needs for safe travels to the ashram may be requested by email. Transportation for planning one’s departure may be obtained from the Mandala Office, while you are at the ashram.

Money Exchange Services:

You can exchange foreign currency and travelers checks upon your arrival at the airport or locally in Rishikesh. There are also ATMs in Rishikesh accepting MasterCard, Cirrus, Plus and Visa Electron.

Where there is a need, the Mandala Office may arrange for a local money-changer to come to the Ashram at a fixed time to provide convenient money exchange services.

Electricity Information:

The electricity is 220 volts and often drops causing dimming of lights etc. The power goes off at times as well. Although there is a great scarcity of electricity in Rishikesh and in India, the ashram has 24 hours of power backup. So please conserve as best as possible.

The socket outlets are round 2 pin and round 3 pin which adaptors can be used to fit plugs of other types.

Laundry Services:

A washer-man (dhobi) comes daily and will do your personal laundry off premises. Please ask the Mandala Office staff for the item cost. You may also do your laundry by hand in a bucket and hang to dry on the portable drying lines provided.

SRSG sits in a peaceful ambience in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Ashram is located in Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the world, Uttarakhand, India. About six kms away from the Rishikesh city center/market and about 10 kms away from the tourist-flocking Lakshman Jhula, the ashram is located at a travel-friendly and convenient location, while being at the quieter end of the city.

International Arrivals:

For international travels, most visitors would often land in India at the New Delhi international airport.

There are many ways one may travel from New Delhi to the ashram. In terms of public transport, one may take a flight to Dehradun, a train to Haridwar or Rishikesh. One can always take a private taxi from New Delhi to the ashram.

By Air:

Another way to reach the ashram is to take a connecting flight to Dehradun from Delhi. The Dehradun airport is around 25 kms from the ashram and it would be a 40 mins taxi ride.

By Train:

The train station in Delhi (station code – NDLS) is around 25 kms from the New Delhi airport. The train journey would be around 6-9 hours, depending on different train speeds. You may take a train to the Rishikesh train station (station code – RKSH; nearest to the ashram – about 8 kms) or the Haridwar train station (HW; around 20 kms) and it would take you about 30-45 minutes to reach the ashram respectively

Train information and bookings can be obtained via a travel agent, a commercial travel website or the official website at irctc . You are advised to book rail tickets as soon as you know your travel plans.Train e-tickets can be booked up to three months in advance via the internet. Trains are usually fully booked nearer to the time of travel.

By Taxi:

One may also take a taxi from the New Delhi airport. The ride is approximately 5-8 hours long depending on the traffic. If you so require, we will be able to arrange a taxi pickup for you with one of our trusted taxi service providers. Taxis can be usually arranged at any location – at the airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc.

* Note: All visitors are free to make their own taxi arrangements as well. If visitors want to use transporters recommended by SRSG, they are kindly requested to inform us beforehand.

Weather can change quickly since Rishikesh is at the meeting point of the Himalayas and the plains.

The weather varies with the season. Monsoons are from late June to mid September, with warm to hot temperatures and high humidity. Generally, the weather is very pleasant from October to December with mild days and cool to cold nights. December and January can be quite cold at night and early morning, especially if it rains. February and March are very pleasant, with the temperature warming up in April, and hot in May and June. You can check the internet for specific temperature ranges.

You can check the current weather and weather history online.

All the visiting sadhakas are requested to observe these guidelines or “codes of conduct” to help cultivate self-discipline, necessary on the spiritual path.

SRSG is an Ashram, so kindly help us maintain an atmosphere of quietude, and respect for the environment both inside and outside of your cottage.

We offer the visitors this beautiful nature setting for immersion into the teachings of the Himalayan Sages, including hatha yoga, meditation and Silence. Think of SRSG as your home while you are here.

You have come from afar, setting aside time, energy and money to stay and learn at SRSG. Be ever-mindful of why you are here. Make the best use of the opportunities to learn and practise.

Be firm yet gentle and patient with yourself as you overcome the force of old habits and inertia. Change your habits and your personality naturally changes. Do not go back, unaffected and unchanged.

All, who come, look forward to the quietude and calm. Talk less and talk softly. Focus on your practice. Meditate and commune in the Silence with all at the ashram.


SRSG is a place of silence and meditation. Kindly maintain silence between 10 PM and 5 AM to help maintain the ashram environment of contemplation and meditation. Meals are taken in silent awareness. Thursday is a day of silence and intensive meditation.

All the sadhakas are to use earphones with all audio equipment.

Dress and Conduct

Modest, comfortable, and less revealing clothing are recommended. White and light colors are traditional ashram colors and are considered sattvic (resonating peace and purity). Tight jeans, tights, tube tops, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, sleeveless tops, plunging necklines or backs, miniskirts, shorts, etc. are not allowed. All the visitors are requested to adopt a modest dress and use your discretion, respectful of an Indian ashram.

Public displays of affection and emotion are to be avoided. Our visiting sadhakas come from cultures and countries with different and oftentimes, conservative norms of conduct, especially between men and women. We ask the participants to be understanding and respectful of cultural differences and be kind and considerate to all at the Ashram.

Emotional Relationships

While at the Ashram, in order for you to be able to maintain your focus on your personal inner self-discovery and spiritual practices, we suggest that you avoid forming and/or maintaining intense emotional relationships during your brief stay at the ashram as that would divert your energy from your inward focus.

Student-Teacher Relationships

Improper or exploitative student-teacher relationships have no place in an ashram. SRSG does not accept or condone improper (discriminatory) or exploitative relationships (financial, sexual or in any other way) between SRSG teachers and the students. We ask that the students understand that whilst a teacher provides stewardship, there may be times when a teacher may be perceived as “detached” because of the need for teachers to observe and keep clear and appropriate boundaries with a student. There is no place in the ashram for inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. Should there be concerns, kindly speak to an SRSG teacher or the manager.

This approach also applies to student relations with other staff and residents of SRSG.

Karma Yoga (Service Opportunities) at the Ashram

All visiting and resident sadhakas participate in service for the Ashram. Service includes a variety of tasks from meal service and cleaning the classrooms to transcribing lectures and so forth. Kindly inquire at the Mandala Office.

In the spirit of Karma Yoga, all the visitors take responsibility for the house-keeping of their own cottages/rooms. SRSG staff are not authorised to clean your cottage/room while you occupy it. Kindly keep the cottage/room clean, both inside and outside.

Outside-of-Ashram Activities

It is best to have as few distractions as possible. It is helpful to limit outside-of-ashram trips for necessities to once per week. This enables you to participate more fully in the retreat for maximum benefit. If you wish to visit scenic or tourist spots, you are advised to do so before arriving at SRSG or after your retreat or event ends.

In the unlikely event that you will be away from the Ashram overnight for one or more nights during your registered stay period, please inform one of the staff members in the Mandala Office, sign out and leave the cottage/room keys with the mandala office. Signing-out is an official requirement under the law. You may, depending on the time, when you are away, be asked to vacate your cottage/room.

The distribution of money, pens, etc. to people outside the Ashram is strongly discouraged during your stay. It encourages a habit of begging and dependence and may give the impression that the Ashram is a distribution center.


Simple lacto-vegetarian Indian meals are provided in the common dining hall three times a day and chai (tea) is provided twice a day. Our meals contain some milk/milk products and sometimes nuts. If you have dietary restrictions, kindly get in touch with the Mandala Office.

We offer a short prayer before all meals. We encourage all the sadhakas to join in reciting the meal prayers, before eating. As per Swami Veda Bharati’s instructions, we maintain silence during the meal times and eat in silence.

As per Swami Veda’s wishes, the food from the Ashram kitchen is to be consumed in the common dining hall. Any cups, plates or steel tumblers borrowed from the dining hall are to be returned as soon as possible and not left in the cottages/rooms.

If you are not taking any meal cooked in the Ashram kitchen, kindly inform the Mandala Office at least 4 hours in advance. This helps us in avoiding unnecessary waste.

Conservation of Resources and Sustainability

Kindly use the resources at the Ashram sparingly – lights, fans, heaters, air-conditioning and water, etc. India has a shortage of water and power resources. Please always switch off the electric water heater in the bathrooms, blowing heaters, air conditioning units, fans and lights, when not in use.

Waste bins, one for biodegradable waste and the other for non-biodegradable waste, have been placed at several locations around the ashram. Kindly help support the Ashram recycling program by disposing of your wastes properly.

All the sadhakas are requested to not remove any furniture and other articles such as chairs, blankets, etc. from the meditation hall or other locations.

Prohibited Substances at the Ashram

Alcohol, intoxicants or mind-altering drugs are prohibited. Smoking is not allowed inside the cottages/rooms or anywhere within the Ashram grounds.

In the spirit of ahimsa (non-hurting), we do not consume any meat, seafood or eggs at SRSG.

Emergency Medical Attention

Should you need any emergency medical attention kindly make it known to the management at the Mandala Office (or the security guard during off-duty hours who will notify a staff member).