The word karma means “action”. The root verb of the word karma is “kri” in Sanskrit, meaning “to do.” And yoga, from the Sanskrit verb root ‘yuj’, means “to join”, “to unite”.

When we surrender our ahamkara (sense of doership and ‘I-ness’) and perform our actions in a particular circumstance without any selfish thoughts or desires, we come closer to the Divinity within us while serving others selflessly. When we surrender the fruits of our actions towards the benefit and comfort of many without expecting anything in return, then it is called Karma Yoga, the Yoga of skillful action.

All our visiting and resident sadhakas participate in such service towards the Ashram and towards each other so that everyone can benefit from this beautiful and peaceful atmosphere to learn and experience the timeless teachings of the Himalayan Sages.

Service includes a variety of tasks from meal service and cleaning the classrooms to transcribing lectures and so forth. Kindly inquire at the Office.

In the spirit of Karma Yoga, visiting sadhakas also take responsibility for the house-keeping of their own cottages/rooms. SRSG staff are not authorised to clean your cottage/room while you occupy it. Please keep the cottage/room clean, both inside and outside

Karma Yoga is, therefore, to re-cognize and thereby to re-unite with our inherent happiness – the Divinity within – and to allow It to be expressed through all our actions in Its full Glory.